Семинари и уебинари в учебен център Ню Харайзънс България


Ню Харайзънс България организира семинари, уебинари и учебни сесии по актуални теми, които имат за цел представяне на нови версии на продукти, обсъждане на казуси от практиката, споделяне на добри решения.

Семинарите се провеждат от квалифицирани лектори, с дългогодишен опит и доказани компетенции в съответната сфера. Учебните сесии са възможност за запознаване с различни технологии, допълване на познанията, обмяна на опит с други специалисти в дадена област.

Предстоящи уебинари

Вижте графика с предстоящи уебинари в Ню Харайзънс България. Запишете се за един или повече уебинара и поканете ваши колеги, които също имат интерес към темата.

Уебинар: Explore the EC-Council Cyber Security Ecosystem

21 октомври 2021 г., четвъртък, 19:00
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Christian Sanders

During this session, you will learn how EC-Council can prepare you to succeed in the ever-changing -and challenging- landscape of cybersecurity. From network defense to hacking to pentesting, to our advanced cyber range, EC-Council can help prepare you for what awaits you as a cybersec professional. With EC-Council you will learn through classroom instruction, as well as hands-on with ilabs. Learn in the classroom, practice with iLabs, and then challenge yourself on EC-Council’s cyber range to prove you can do what you learned. Whether you want to defend your organization or country from bad actors or take the fight to them, EC-Council has the instruction and hands-on tools and technology to prepare you for any cyber challenge. Go beyond multiple choice exams and simulated lab environments with New Horizons and EC-Council.

Уебинар: Matching Cybersecurity Skills to Jobs, A Step to Bridge the Skills Gap

26 октомври 2021 г., вторник, 19:00
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Megan Branch, COO and Jeff Felice, President, CertNexus

There are more cybersecurity jobs open each day. Why is this so? Although some of this increase is due to more remote work and increased activity of cybercriminals, a pronounced challenge we are facing is that there is a discrepancy between the job descriptions being created and the skills that are available. How does this happen? It is both an issue of HR and L&D professionals not having the exposure they need to the rapidly changing skill needs, while individuals flock to popular certifications opposed to those that map to the skills most in need. In this webinar we will help to better align job roles – using the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework – with certifications which best prepare individuals for job openings. The goal of adding another piece to bridge understanding, close the skills gap, and provide pathways to rewarding cybersecurity careers.

Уебинар: Fundamentals of Power BI - Putting Your Data into Action

2 ноември 2021 г., вторник, 19:00
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: David Shaw

How does one put together a display of data in PowerBI? This session will walk you through the process of completing a dashboard in PowerBI. We will get data, transform the data, create relationships between data and the sources and then visualize the data. Along the way, we will explore areas that can make the experience of working with PowerBi more productive.

Уебинар: Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

4 ноември 2021 г., четвъртък, 19:00
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Bobbye Garrity

Microsoft Office—we all use it regularly. Let’s unlock the full potential to increase productivity! In this webinar, you will learn essential advanced Office skills in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Using new features, you will learn how to use shortcuts and create visually appealing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Уебинар: Demystifying Agile, DevOps, Traditional Project Management and Six Sigma for Leaders

9 ноември 2021 г., вторник, 19:00
Виртуална класна стая

Лектор: Pete O’Donnell

How we currently manage projects and employees can be challenging since new and more dynamic approaches now exist. We will explore several leading-edge project lifecycles and help you navigate the differences. Ultimately, this will help you select the best approach for your company and helps to maximize the value to your customers.

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